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Key justice reform agreed by Italy's government
Friday, July 30, 2021       01:45 WIB

Rome, July 29, 2021 (AFP)
Italy's government on Thursday agreed a key justice reform intended to speed up trials and reduce backlogs, overcoming opposition from within the ruling coalition.
Reform of Italy's notoriously snail-paced and unwieldy justice system is a key pledge of Prime Minister Mario Draghi to the European Union in return for billions in post-pandemic recovery funds.
"The goal is to ensure speedy justice, respecting the reasonable length of the process, while at the same time ensuring no trial goes up in smoke," Justice Minister Marta Cartabia was quoted by Italian news agency AGI as saying following a cabinet meeting.
The populist Five Star Movement, the largest party within Draghi's coalition, had objected to the proposed reform implementing shorter statutes of limitations to speed up the pace of justice, claiming that they would derail important mafia trials and encourage crime.
In a statement, the government said that for crimes involving mafia association, sexual violence and terrorism, judges will have leeway to order an extension of the trial period, if justified due to case complexity, the number of defendants or other factors.
New modifications also allow a three-year grace period following implementation of the reform that allows more time for appeals.

Sumber : AFP

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