Algeria activist Bouraoui gets two years in jail
Wednesday, May 05, 2021       00:14 WIB

Algiers, May 4, 2021 (AFP)
Algerian activist Amira Bouraoui was Tuesday sentenced to two years in jail for "offending Islam" and for insulting the president, a prisoners' rights group said.
The CNLD group said Bouraoui, a 45-year-old gynaecologist and mother of two, was not placed under arrest, pending an appeal.
She was handed two-year prison terms on each of the two separate charges, but will serve only two years in total.
A longstanding member of the "Hirak" anti-regime protest movement, she already served a short prison sentence before being provisionally released last July along with three other opposition figures.
According to CNLD , more than 70 people are being held in jail in Algeria in connection with Hirak or other cases related to freedom of expression.
For the second week in a row, police prevented the weekly student march in Algiers that is held on Tuesdays, detaining dozens of people, an AFP journalist said.

Sumber : AFP

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