N.Ireland poll finds slight majority for unification
Thursday, September 12, 2019       18:46 WIB

London, Sept 12, 2019 (AFP)
Voters in Northern Ireland are 51 percent in favour of uniting with the Republic of Ireland, according to a poll published this week.
The survey's author, Michael Ashcroft, said the result could reflect "the uncertainty and anxiety surrounding Brexit".
The future of the Irish border is the main obstacle to an agreement on Brexit between the British government and the European Union.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson wants a provision aimed at ensuring a free-flowing border on the island of Ireland to be removed from the current draft divorce agreement.
But residents on both sides of the border are concerned that Brexit could see the return of checkpoints associated with three decades of conflict in the province.
The study found 45 percent wanted the province to remain a part of the United Kingdom, while 46 percent wanted to join with Ireland. Excluding undecideds, the result would be 51 percent for unification and 49 percent against.
Ashcroft cautioned that the result was "well within the margin of error".
The poll questioning 1,542 people in Northern Ireland was carried out between August 30 and September 2.
The Good Friday Agreement, which ended the conflict, acknowledged the legitimacy of the desire for a united Ireland but said it could be achieved only with the consent of a majority of the people of Northern Ireland.

Sumber : AFP

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