Premier Insight : EXCL, to utilize Palapa Ring
Thursday, June 13, 2019       09:29 WIB

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: XL Axiata ( IJ; Rp2,900; Buy) to utilize Palapa Ring. This is part of 's commitment to support Gov't program. Palapa Ring network helps to solve challgens in providing infrastructure network in outer Java. has utilized West Palapa Ring (to support 's 4G network in Anambas island, Riau Island , and Nias), and plans to use Central and East Palapa rRiang to cnnect outer areas of Indonesia. According to old news, Palapa Ring Project serves non-financially feasible areas and structured as cooperation between private and Gov't. (Bisnis Indonesia, Kontan).
 Comment: The Palapa Ring might give insignificant impact to our estimates for Big 3 Telcos in the short term, but could be positive in the long term along with growing data demand (and economy) in areas covered by Palapa Ring, in our view. We have a Buy for with TP Rp3300. 


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