California's recall vote by the numbers
Wednesday, September 15, 2021       12:19 WIB

Los Angeles, Sept 15, 2021 (AFP)
California voted to keep the state's Democratic governor in his job Tuesday, when a special recall vote failed to displace him.
Here's how the ballot on Governor Gavin Newsom broke down in numbers.
The percentage of voters who rejected the proposal to recall Newsom, according to media tallies 90 minutes after polls closed.
By that point 8.3 million votes had been counted, approximately 64 percent of the total.
The year California gave itself the right to boot out a governor or other elected official they no longer liked.
The number of times recalls have been attempted against a governor since then.
The number of times -- including this one -- that those attempts have got as far as a popular vote.
The last one was against Gray Davis in 2003, and installed "Terminator" star Arnold Schwarzenegger in the governor's mansion.
It was the sixth time a recall attempt has been mounted against Newsom.
The cost, in dollars per person, of the cheapest menu advertised at The French Laundry, a top notch eatery where Newsom was seen eating after he ordered most businesses in California to shut.
Photos of the gaffe spurred the recall effort, amid accusations the governor was a hypocrite.
A white truffle and caviar dinner at the restaurant costs $1,200 per person.
The tally of candidates who were in the running to replace Newsom once the recall was joined.
Twenty-four of them were Republican, nine Democrats, 10 logged no party preference, two were Green Party members and one a Libertarian.
The number of those candidates called Kevin or David.
That equates to more than 17 percent, or over one in six.
22 million
The number of registered voters in this year's election. California has a population of 40 million, making it the most populous state in the United States.
7.7 million
The number of people who voted for Newsom in 2018. His challenger, John Cox, got 4.4 million votes.
1.5 million
The signatures that were required to trigger this vote -- 12 percent of the total vote last time around.
280 million
The cost, in dollars, of the recall vote. Among likely voters, 69 percent think the process was a waste of their money.

Sumber : AFP